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Our firm is called Interteam Consunlting, S.L. and we are Spanish lawyers and accountants. We are a group of lawyers with two different offices; one is located in Alicante city and in the other in the South of Alicante, Orihuela Costa close to Torrevieja town.

We work basically in two aspects, the first is conveyance, the purchase and sale of property, wills, contracts, set up business and many other legal works as tax advisors, and the second is like a lawyers in Court cases, with many different specialties as Civil Law, Criminal Law, cases against the Administration and Mercantile Law.

We can attend all our clients in Costa Blanca, alicante, Albacete, Valencia or Spain. Our experience goes through the years in European citizens and the main works right now is over the English residents or non residents.

Our Best of our work in that in the course of acting on behalf of a client we are always beside to him from the first meet.

Thank you for your interest and please contact with us in the next phone and address. Interteam will be glad to attend you in any of our office in Alicante o r Orihuela Costa. We can be reached by email or telephone as stated below.

We can be contacted at Tel. (+34) 966 730 056. (+34) 655 696 971 ,from 09:30 – 14:15 H. Mondays to Fridays.

Your faithfully

Mr. Anastasio Pozo Villar

Abogado. Lawyer Manager Director. Interteam


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We’re glad you’re interested in getting in touch with us! We value your feedback, inquiries, and suggestions. Please use the contact information below to reach out to our team. We’ll do our best to assist you promptly.

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